Length of holiday: 4 days / 3 nights.
For: individuals and families.

An adventure through exclusive UNESCO World Heritage sites, that provides all of the joys and discovery of the 3 classified UNESCO World Heritage sites in Franche-Comté.

The ‘Ballons des Vosges’ is North of Franche-Comté, to the East the French Jura Mountains, and to the West, the Saône River valley. Bordering Switzerland, the Region offers hidden treasures and a large area of unspoilt natural surroundings. Throughout history, this area of France stood-out by its innovative architecture.


Your circuit starts in Ronchamp, at the ‘Notre-Dame-du-Haut’ Church, dominated by the ‘Le Corbusier’ Chapel, and the main door designed by Renzo PIANO. After visiting the high-place of contemporary sacred art, continue to Belfort, renowned for the Bartoldi (who also made the Statue of Liberty in New York) lion sculpture, which today is referred to as the ‘Cité du Lion’.

Starting from the base in the ‘Vallée du Doubs’, follow directions to Besançon, ‘Cité Vauban’, classified UNESCO World Heritage site. The Citadelle is a unique tourist and cultural site that has a number of interesting sites of which 3 museums labelled ‘Musées de France’, a zoological garden, and the Ramparts circuit. Continue the excursion wandering in the heart of the Franche-Comté capital. Then onto the mysteries in Arc-et-Senans, a unique witness to the history of industrial architecture, designed by the architect Claude Nicolas LEDOUX. Continue of the Salt Route with a guided visit of the Salt works in Salins-les-Bains, home to impressive underground galleries, and discover the history, production, and manufacturing techniques of salt in the region. Finally, after a rest in the Spa, finish your trip with a gourmand meal in Arbois, for Jura wine tasting.

The package includes:
– 3 nights ½ board at a ‘Logis’ chain hotel (based on a double room)

– The itinerary and tourist brochures
– Entry to the sites and services included in the package
– Welcome gift of the ‘Routes du Comté’

The package does not include:
– Transport, meal drinks, and the ‘single person’ supplement.

Price per person

     Prices starting from :
   298 € / CHF 329

Citadelle de Besançon

Citadel © D.Maraux


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