Length of holiday: 7 days / 6 nights.
For: Groups.

Arrival at the end of the day at the 3*** Azureva holiday centre in Métabief, Doubs, France, with welcome and check-in. Welcome dinner and entertainment.

(all the day takes place with an accompanying guide)

In the morning, a visit of Besançon in a riverboat along the riverbanks.

On arrival, lunch at one of the restaurants in the Citadel, which is a military fortification built by the architect VAUBAN in the 17th Century.

In the afternoon, a visit of the Citadel in Besançon, a VAUBAN masterpiece, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2008.

It extends over 12 hectares, and overlooks, the old townof the Franch-County capital from 100 metres above, with the meandering Doubs River, and offers a magnificent and spectacular view from the remparts, with a unique view over the town.

In the evening, dinner and entertainment at the 3*** Azureva Holiday centre in Métabief.

In the morning, a visit to the “Grande Saline” (Salt works) in Salins-les-Bains, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Lunch in the Salins-les-Bains Spa town.

In the afternoon, a visit to the Arc-et-Senans Royal Salt work (Saline Royale), which a major salt production centre built in the 18th Century by the architect Claude Nicolas LEDOUX, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1982 for the industrial architecture.

The Salins-les-Bains, and Arc-et-Senans salt works, only a few kilometres from each other, have a unique common history that makes them very complementary sites.

If the Salins-les-Bains “Grande Saline” (salt works pans) mainly tells us about the history of salt and the production of salt, the Arc-et-Senans “Saline Royale” (Royale salt works) is more famously known for the architecture. Throughout the year, the Arc-et-Senans, royal salt works offers permanent exhibitions, of which a museum dedicated to the architect’s works which is unique in Europe, and new seasonal cultural programmes each year, temporary exhibits, the Gardens Festival, concerts, shows, and other events. In the evening, dinner and entertainment at the 3*** Azureva Holiday centre in Métébief.

In the morning,departure to visit the heritage of Gustave COURBET, the world famous artist/painter, through the countryside that inspired his work. Arrival at the “musée COURBET”, designed in the home where the painter lived, with over 2.000 m2 of exhibits, and 21 permanent exhibition rooms, the “Musée COURBET” extends through 3 buildings : The “maison BOREL”, “Hotel HEBERT”, and the “hotel CHAMPEREUX”. The museum circuit takes the visitor from one building to the other along a glass walled gallery, as if suspended above the Loue River. Lunchtime : lunch at a restaurant in Ornans. Afternoon : a trip to “Sainte-Croix” Switzerland, to visit the CIMA museum, a magical place dedicated to automatons and musical boxes. An exceptional show awaits you ! In the evening, dinner and entertainment.

A return to the world of salt works, with a visit of the Bex Salt Mines in the morning, which is a huge underground labyrinth, of which several kilometres are open for visiting. The circuit takes you through the most spectacular elements and the most characteristic different forms of operations for mining, since the first gallery tunnelled in 1684, still operational today. A unique attraction in Switzerland!

At lunchtime, lunch in the restaurant in the heart of the Salt Mines at 1500 m UNDERGROUND! The afternoon is left open for a walk on the shores of Lake Geneva (Lac Léman), with a stopover in the charming town ‘Le Bouvret’, and the ‘Swiss Vapeur Parc’, an 18,000 m² site with an array of miniature train reproductions, obviously to be visited by steam train! In the evening, dinner in ‘Le Bouvret’, and return to Métabief.

Guided visit of the ‘Yverdon-les-Bains’ Spa town. The town centre has a Savoyard castle and 18th Century buildings; followed by lunch in one of the restaurants in town. The afternoon will dedicated to a visit to the ‘La Maison d’Ailleurs’, a unique institution in Europe dedicated to science-fiction, utopia, and extraordinary journeys, and has one of the largest collections of Jules Verne books in the world. In the evening, dinner-dance in the town.

Morning departure

A welcome drink, full-board, drinks for the meals, guided tour-bus excursions.

Any extra expenses such as drinks, souvenirs etc, and a supplement will be charged for a ‘Single Room’ (€ 13.00 per night).

Price per person

     Prices starting from : 
   633 € / CHF 680

Includes coach driver, and free for the 21st person,
and tour-guide for the whole holiday.

Le Chasseron à Sainte-Croix

Yverdon-les-Bains – Chasseron – Switzerland © C. Jaccard


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