Audio conferences of the international seminar:
“Salt: History, heritage and tourism”

Royal Saltworks of Arc-et-Senans, 5th and 6th april 2018

Historically, salt is at the heart of political, trade, and intellectual exchanges between the French « Franche-Comté » region and the Swiss Cantons. The Interreg France-Switzerland project «Terra Salina – Salt Heritage and the Development of Economics » highlighted this common heritage. Often classified as Historical Monuments or registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, yet often reconverted as different and distinct entities, sometimes opposite to each other, and sometimes forgotten, therefore needing a little effort in remembrance.

Terra Salina offers six rambling itineraries to discover the historical salt routes, passing through 24 historical sites in France and in Switzerland in order to increase the notoriety of the cross-border heritage, to bring together the main networks of salt in Europe, and to update our scientific knowledge on the subject. (

It is under this perspective that the Saline Royale d’Arc-et- Senans and the Maison des Sciences de l’Homme et de l’Environnement (1MSHE Claude Nicolas LEDOUX) (1The Claude Nicolas LEDOUX Centre of the Science of Man and the Environment) have organised the International Seminar « Salt: history, heritage, and tourism » on the 5th and 6th of April 2018. 13 lecturers from 7 European countries will take part in the seminar over 2 days, to question our remembrance, representations, and reconversions of the salt heritage.

Thursday 5th april 2018

Memory, heritage and toursim reconversion

Conference by Dr Urs Ch. Hofmeier, Managing Director of the Salines Suisses, Switzerland (in French)

Thursday 5th april 2018 – Morning

How to transmit an immaterial heritage: The “Guerande Salt” case, batz-sur-mer, France.

Conference by Gildas BURON, Head of the Museum and Heritage site of the ECPI CAP Atlantique, and the Museum des Marais Salants, History and Ethnology Centre of Atlantic Salt – France (in French)

Thursday 5th April – afternoon

Tales of experience from the Marston Lion Salt Works, Cheshire Salt, United Kingdom.

Conference by Andrew FIELDING, Director of Ecosal-UK, United Kingdom

Thursday 5th April – afternoon

Discovery of salt traces in prehistorical pieces of pottery on the Neolithic site of Gornja Tuzla in Bosnia Herzegovina.

Presentation of a poster by Ivana Pandzic, PhD student at the University of Tuzla – Bosnia Herzegovina

Thursday 5th April – afternoon

Salt poetry

Presentation of a poster by Katy Beinart, PhD student at The Barlett, University College London – United Kingdom

Thursday 5th April – afternoon

Friday 6th april 2018

The reconversion model of the Wieliczka Royal Salt Mines in Poland: an example of success.

Conference by Jan GODLOWSKI Director of the Wieliczka Salt Mines Museum, Krakow, Poland (introduction in English, conference in French)

Friday 6th April – morning

The preservation of values and know-how: The example of the Celt Museum, Hallein, Austria.

Conference by Dr Holger WENDLING, M.A, Scientific Director of the Dürrnberg research department at the Celt Museum, Hallein, Austria (introduction in English, conference in French)

Friday 6th April – morning

The example of Therma Salina, Salins-les-Bains, France

Conference by Damien POLLET PhD in Spa medicine at Therma Salina Salins-les-Bains –France (introduction in French, conference in English)

Friday 6th april 2018 – Morning

Solion: an active nanoparticle. Use of salt aerosols in therapeutic treatments.

Conference by Prof. Ion SANDU, Director of Arheoinvest, Romania / (in French)

Friday 6th April – afternoon

Round table and summary of the seminar.

In French and English.

Friday 6th April – afternoon