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The French-Swiss border resembles a long natural curve along the crests of the Jura mountain range. The Jura mountains offer a wonderful place to escape from the hustle bustle below (in Geneva to the East and uninhabited forests to the west) away from tourist attractions, and an absolutely stunning view of the Alps dominated by the Mont Blanc. The Jura mountains are ideally located to experience a first visit to low altitude mountains.

If it is your ‘first time’ in a mountain range, the soft flowing hillsides and low altitude mountains offer an exclusive initiation to mountaineering; the sensation is as spectacular as mountaineering in high altitude without the difficulties!!!

In these mountains, you will be able to discover and share a unique life style mixing authentic and original elements, whether natural or made locally. A mountain environment respecting nature, and inhabitants who live in harmony with their surroundings.

Montagnes du Jura

Travellers looking for new experiences meet-up in the Jura mountain range!
Life is full of changes, surprises, exchanges between people, and discovering new areas; this one will leave you with plenty of good memories of historical events and architecture, smells, sensations, and simple unique pleasures for all of the senses.

Your primal instincts will be reborn!
In the Summer season, there is a myriad of ways to enjoy the region, namely and amongst others, ‘canyoning’ (through rivers and streams), ‘via ferrata (rope circuits), swimming in a number of lakes surrounded by rock cliffs and forests, parascending, angling, and some rather unique forms of outdoor activities such as ‘cani-rando (dog-trekking), circuits in horse-towed Gipsy caravans, stay in a Mongolian yurt or in an American Indian Teepee.

In the Winter season, the hills, plateaux, and mountains, offer a selection of activities with a large selection of Alpine ski stations known as ‘Village ski stations’ with alpine ski slopes, cross-country skiing (langlauf), snow rackets circuits, dog and horse sleighing, all at an altitude among and between the pine trees with select fauna and flora. Throughout the year, the regional culinary specialities and local produce will delight your taste buds with a unique mix of regional produce (smoked sausage, local cheese of which 4 are A.O.C classified, Savagnin grape wine, etc..). Discover the richness of a mountain territory and we can ensure that you will feel as far away as you could imagine from the usual tourist circuits on offer.