Via Francigena


Length of holiday: 9 days / 8 nights.
For: individuals, families, and groups (on request).

The ‘Via Francigena’ connects Canterbury in England, to Rome in Italy through France and Switzerland. A military itinerary linking Rome to Northern Europe in the Roman Empire, the ‘Via Francigena’ became an important trade route in the Middle-Ages. Since a.d. 1300, and the proclamation of the ‘Holy Years’, it became one of the most important European pilgrimage routes.

Dinner and overnight in Pontarlier.

Rambling 6 hours – 22 km
The route takes you to ‘La-Cluse-et-Mijoux’, then up to ‘Les Fourgs’, then crosses the border to Sainte-Croix in Switzerland.
Dinner and overnight in Sainte-Croix.

Rambling 4 hours 45 minutes – 17 km.
The ‘Via Francigena’ connects old rutted salt routes above Vuiteboeuf and onto Yverdon-les-Bains. Dinner and overnight in Yverdon-les-Bains.

Rambling 5 hours 15 minutes – 20 km.
After Yverdon-les-Bains, the circuit takes you to Mathod through Chamblon, then arrival in Orbe through the ‘Roman Mosaics Site’. Dinner and overnight in Orbe.

Rambling 7 hours – 26 km.
The ‘Via Francigena’ takes you to Romainmôtiers going through Bretonnières, then takes along the banks of the Venoge River to Cossonay. Dinner and overnight in Cossonay.

Rambling 6 hours 15 mind – 25 km
The path takes you along the banks of the Venoge River to Saint-Sulpice, then onto Lausanne along the lakeshore and the ruins in Vidy. Dinner and overnight in Lausanne.

Rambling 5 hours 45 minutes – 20 km.
From Ouchy, the ‘Via Francigena’ continues along the lakeshore through the Lavoux Region onto Vevey. Dinner and overnight in Vevey.

Rambling 7 hours  – 27 km.
The path continues along the lakeshore to Villeneuve, then onto the Rhône Valley, through Roche, Yvorne, and arrival in Aigle. Dinner and overnight in Aigle.

The package includes:
– 3*** hotel accommodation

– Baggage transfer for each stage
– The ‘Roman Mosaics’ in Orbe
– The ‘Musée Romain’ in Vidy
– Château d’Aigle
– Grand Saint-Bernard Museum, and Saint-Bernard dogs
– Holiday taxes

Price per person

     Price starting from:
   1’335 € / CHF 1’450

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