Pontarlier Yverdon-les-Bains


Length of holiday: 3 days / 2 nights.
For: individuals, families, and groups.

Meet in Pontarlier in the morning.

Ramble from Pontarlier to La-Cluse-et-Mijoux, and a visit to the Castle of Joux. Rich with a nearly thousand years of history, the castle of Joux welcomes you in the heart of an exceptional site.

Built at the entrance to La Cluse de Pontarlier, the castle of Joux controls the former international road from over 100m above, from the ” Vallée de la Saône” and Burgundy to Switzerland, the Flanders and Champagne to Italy, the Northern Seas to the Mediterranean.  This geographical location has always incited man to fortify and defend this compulsory passage point for travelers.

The Trade Road that passed below the castle was developed from the 13th century onwards when European trade started developing, and became the Salt Road and the Monarchy Road.

It was also used by armies, that used this natural passage through the French Jura Mountains, since the Roman Empire. Over its long history, the castle has always been reconstructed, completed and enlarged : Nowadays it has 5 sections over 2 hectares, not including the “Fort du Larmont” fortified defences below and above, which are built opposite the castle. Picnic lunch rest.

Ramble from “La-Cluse-et-Mijoux” to “Les Fourgs”. Evening meal and overnight at a Bed & Breakfast in “Les Fourgs”. Ramble from Pontarlier to “La-Cluse-etMijoux”: 1 hour, 5km.

Ramble from “La-Cluse-et-Mijoux” to “Les Fourgs” : ½ hours, 6km.

Following the Via Salina, itinerary to Yverdon-Les-Bains, Switzerland. Onwards to Vuiteboeuf, where you can seen a number of rutted trails, vestiges of the Salt Road where the salt carts took the direction to Switzerland. Arrival in “Sainte-Croix”, and a guided visit to the CIMA Museum,( with automatons and music boxes). Transfer by train to Yverdon-Les-Bains. Picnic provided for lunch. Free dinner in Yverdon and overnight in a 3*** hotel.

Ramble from “Les Fourgs” to “Sainte Croix” : 2 hours, 10 km-Alt. difference +800m-200m.

Breakfast and return transfer to Pontarlier, to your car, or for a train connection.

Level : Ramble from 12 to 14 km per day, all levels without any difficulties. Rambling time : 3 to 4 hours par day.

Accommodation : 1 night in Bed & Breakfast at “Les Fourg”, and 1 night in a 3*** hotel in Yverdon-Les-Bains, based on 2 persons.

Meals : ½ board in bed & Breakfast day 1, with picnic lunch for day 2. Accomodation and breakfast in Yverdon-Les-Bains day 2. Enjoy the lakeside and the large number of restaurants in the downtown.

The package includes:
– Organisation of the holiday

– Full-board accommodation excluding drinks
– Baggage transfer and transfers to distant points
– A ‘circuit-map’ with a *IGN (Ordinance Survey Map) scale: 1/25,000
– Visits and services in the package
– Technical details

The package does not include:
– Drinks and personal expenses

– Cancelation or multi-risk insurance (available)



Price per person

     Price starting from :
 309€ / CHF 360

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